Kay Catalina Archtop F Hole Blonde Kurt Cobain Come As You Are Acoustic Guitar

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Here for sale is a Kay Catalina Archtop Blonde F Hole Archtop vintage Acoustic Guitar from the 1960’s as played by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in the Come As You Are Video.

These guitars were manufactured for by Kay and during production the logo was changed to say Catalina. This is the exact model as used by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana in the ‘Come As You Are’ video the second single from Nevermind. The guitar features prominently in the video. Kurt Cobain liked this guitar so much it used to stay in the entrance way of his house in 1992, by that point his had a broken headstock, but his guitar tech Earnie Bailey mentioned he liked it that way. This guitar is a great sounding acoustic guitar with beautiful styling and craftsmanship. The blood red perloid inlays on the maple fretboard look great as does the blood red tortoise shell pick guard which comes down the lower side of the guitar. The F-Holes complement the guitar nicely and offer good sound projection. The body has a faux flame finish which looks very cool and it appears to have all the original parts including the tuners, although the bridge may not be original but it certainly performs very well.

The approximate measurements of the neck are as follows: The width of nut at the first fret is 42.55mm / 1.675″. The depth of the neck is 25.57mm / 1.007″ and 29.59mm / 1.165″ at the 12th fret. It has a comfortable D shape neck with a 7.25″ fretboard radius. The guitar weighs 1.940KG. The maple fretboard feels great and the action playable for a guitar of this age. There is some tiny separation on the heel joint of the neck which often happens with age but could be re glued if required but plays fine just as it is. There is some play wear on the fretboard and a few tiny chips and dings on the guitar as you would expect from a good player such as this. You could even amplify it with a sound hole pick up or use a mic, but it’s a great guitar to have around the house or even on display, it has such great mojo for Nirvana fans and players of vintage acoustics alike.


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