Gibson 2003 Thunderbird IV Three Tone Sunburst Bass Guitar + Case

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Here for sale is a 2003 Gibson Thunderbird IV bass complete with the original white plush lined Gibson hardcase.

1 in stock

This Gibson thunderbird IV is in good condition. It has been played and enjoyed over the years with some dings and dongs that give a real played in feel. There is a tiny piece of wood missing from above neck pickup which actually makes for a handy thumb rest. There is some hairline cracks around the binding none of which affect playability and are structurally sound. It is the way nitro finish often separates around these areas. There are no neck breaks or anything like that. The tone is huge on this bass and you can really bring the bass thunder. Thunderbird pickups are some of the best bass tones ever created and you can see why Lemmy of Motorhead installed Thunderbird pickups on his legendary Rickenbacker basses.

This thunderbird is nice and light and is a very comfortable bass to play with timeless looks, and this model and finish has been the bass of choice for many iconic bass players over the ages such as Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, Krist Novoselic of Nirvana who used one at Nirvana’s famous Reading Festival gig, Mark Hamilton of Ash, Stefan Olsdal of Placebo and so many more.

You also get the coolest guitar logo ever with the mighty thunderbird with that cool Native American totem pole design on the pickguard. Whats not to love!

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