Gibson Ripper II Natural 2009 Master Built Limited Run Bass Guitar + Case

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Here for sale is a Gibson Ripper II Natural 2009 Master Built Limited Run Bass Guitar with the Gibson Hardshell Case and paperwork.

1 in stock

This is a truly wondrous bass guitar that has been master built by the best craftsmen at Gibson. Only 350 of these basses were made in 2009 and it was part of the Gibson Limited Run series. Not only is the Gibson Ripper bass a legendary bass in its own right, amazingly Gibson managed to improve on the original design, the most notable upgrades are the gorgeous Rosewood fretboard, that until now, has never been on a Ripper bass before as they were either Ebony or Maple fretboards. The Maple body is exquisite with lovely grain patterns and looks stunning through the gloss finish. The gloss finish was also a higher end option on the original run so it is great they used the gloss on the 2009 version. The bass is in great condition, with just a couple tiny dings below the bridge that are hard to spot and some play wear to the pick guard as you would expect with such a playable bass as this. The pick ups retain that awesome Ripper sound have been specially commissioned and wound for this bass by the Seymour Duncan custom shop. The tone selector has now had an additional two positions, giving you 6 possible tone selections.

The positions are as follows:

  1. Bridge pick up only
  2. Bottom coil of the neck pick and the top coil of the bridge pick up
  3. Top coil of the bridge pick up
  4. Top coil of the bridge pick up
  5. Top Coil of the neck pick up and the bottom coil of the bridge pick up.
  6. Neck pick up only

To compliment this there are two volume controls for each pick up and a tone control giving you vast array of great sounds. This Gibson Ripper II comes complete with the original Gibson Hardshell case with a luxurious plush white lining. The lining is a bit discoloured in places but could be cleaned up if desired. The original Gibson paperwork is included and also a commemorative Gibson book which comes with only Gibson’s very finest instruments from the custom shop, which details the bass and has the serial number on it. This bass is number 45 of 350. The bass is also nice and light and is exceptionally comfortable to play and hold. The Ripper has had many famous players over the years such Mark Evans from AC DC, Gene Simmons of Kiss, Suzi Quattro, and of course Krist Novoselic of Nirvana. This 2009 Gibson Ripper II pays tribute to that great musical heritage while giving it a modern 2009 update. The Gibson Ripper II is one of the best bases we have ever played you won’t want to put it down.

From the Gibson Ripper II Certificate of Authenticity:

There’s something special about the beauty and playability of a Gibson guitar from Gibson USA. Mixing time-honoured processes with remarkable attention to detail, the hand-crafted guitars of Gibson USA have withstood the test of time to become the absolute standard for exceptional playability and tonal quality. The new Limited Run series guitars from Gibson USA are the ultimate testament to this fine legacy.

Throughout 2009, Gibson USA will unveil 22 very special guitars under the new Limited Run Series label, each one a confirmation of the ingenuity and skill of the craftsmen at Gibson USA. Only 350 guitars will be made of each model – no more, no less – and each one will be identified by the guitar’s serial number and the Certificate of Authenticity you hold in your hands.

The instrument bearing the serial number listed above was handcrafted by the master luthiers at Gibson USA in Nashville, Tennessee, and is part of the 2009 Limited Run Series of guitars.

Congratulations on your ownership of this Limited Edition Guitar. Thank you from all of us at Gibson USA


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