Fender 1965 Duo Sonic II Red Original Finish Guitar ALL ORIGINAL

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Here for sale is a Fender 1965 Duo Sonic Guitar in Red with the Original Finish. All original parts except for the tuners, pickups and bridge saddles. It is in excellent condition.

Incredible vintage Fender Duo Sonic, wonderful player, from the CBS transition period containing parts made prior to their take over, from the golden era of Fender. Highly collectible piece of music history.

The guitar features Rail pickups for a hotter more rockin’ output.
Brass bridge saddles for better stability and sustain
Tuners that fit the original holes for improved tuning stability

Original parts:

String Trees
Neck Plate with date stamp
Control knobs
Pots with the date stamps

Control Plate

Non-Original parts

Bridge brass saddles
Rail Pickups for a hot output