Fender 1965 Candy Apple Red Matching Headstock With Neck Binding Guitarsmith Custom Guitar

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Here for sale is Fender 1966 Jaguar in Candy Apple Red with a matching headstock finish and features the highly desirable white neck binding. The body is from a 2012 USA Fender Candy Apple Red Jaguar.

1 in stock

The neck is absolutely a joy to play, with that feel only a vintage Fender neck can provide. It has had a complete re fret so it plays wonderfully. The matching headstock necks were custom ordered so they are highly coveted. The binding is also exquisite and is an excellent design option brought in post ’65. It features the original tuners that are working fine. The date stamp on the neck heel is 1 Nov 65 B.

The neck was paired with a 2012 USA made Fender body and is the original finish and is very close in look to the original ’65 Candy Apple Red neck. Together they make a incredible pairing a bring this superb neck back to life. We have used all original Fender parts where possible for this Guitarsmith Custom build. The  pick guard is Fender USA, the switches are Switchcraft, the knobs, are USA Fender, as is the control plate covers, the bridge assembly and the bridge, and bridge cover. The bridge cover looks great on the guitar and can be pulled off if required. The pick ups are a pair of Seymour Duncan Hot for Jaguar. The original Jaguar pickups were hit and miss in output and these Seymour Duncan provides a much hotter fuller sound.

There is some minor wear to the body, a small section of finish is gone from the edge of the upper switch plate on the top horn, and there is some play wear to the back of the body with some tiny surface scratches.

The guitar plays exceptionally well. An all original 1966 matching headstock Fender guitar command exceptionally high prices so this guitar is a great way to get the feel and look while retaining that all American build quality brought to you by us here at Guitarsmith Custom.

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