Fender 1966 Duo Sonic White Original Finish Guitar + Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickups – SOLD

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Here for sale is a Fender 1966 Duo Sonic II Original White Finish Guitar + Seymour Duncan Antiquity Duo Sonic Pickups

This is an original 1966 Duo Sonic neck and body, the body has the original finish and now has lots of lovely relicing and natural roadworn wear. You can see some of the finish checking in that special way vintage guitars have. It has had the full Guitarsmith custom department make over with a professional refret and set up so it plays beautifully everywhere on the neck. It has first rate wiring and electrics and everything is functioning as it should. We have used the the best components.

The tuning keys are original vintage Duo Sonic keys from 1966 as is the bridge. The Duo Sonic is the ideal hardtail guitar and in some ways has an advantage over the Mustang if you do not use the tremolo as the fixed bridge provides great tuning stability.

The neck plate is vintage but it does not have a serial number. The neck stamp on the heel of the neck reads 16 AUG 66 B. It has a nice width and the full 22 frets with the 24″ scale. It is very smooth and has a great feel. It has the original decal and the rosewood fretboard is superb.

The pickups are top of the line Seymour Duncan Antiquities for Duo Sonic and recreate that classic sound of the originals with slightly louder and more balanced output. They are been aged wonderfully in the special Seymour Duncan Antiquity way and feel like an actual vintage part. The pickguard is deep vibrant red tortoise shell colour, some areas around the screws have a little discolouration but the pickguard looks great against the vintage white original finish.

There is some nice wear on the guitar and the finish has a beautiful patina with some brighter white areas on the edges. It is incredibly light weighing less than 3KG and coming in at an astonishing 3.070KG. You could play this guitar all day and would not feel a thing!

This is a visually stunning vintage Fender Duo Sonic guitar from 1966. A truly special piece brought to you by Guitarsmith custom.