Fender 1966 Jaguar Candy Copper Metallic Big Block Neck & Binding Guitarsmith Custom Guitar

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Here for sale is a Fender 1966 Jaguar with a vintage refinish in Candy Copper Metallic. The neck features binding and a big block inlay.

1 in stock

This Jaguar is absolutely stunning in this vintage Candy Copper Metallic. It has been known for these early Jaguars to be refinished in Custom Care paint and this has a cool Los Angeles beach vibe to it. It is an excellent job and appears to be nitro. The matching 1966 neck features the highly desirable big block inlays and white binding on the sides which looks fantastic and features the original tuning keys. The guitar plays exceptionally well and provides that feel only a vintage Fender can. The neck has wear and vintage roadworn patina on the back which would be a premium option with Fender Custom shop, this is the real deal! It feels a little bumpy in places but this all adds to the mojo of the guitar.

The guitar features a pair of Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder Pickups full a fuller, high output sound for stunning results. The original Jaguar pickups were always a bit hit and miss so this is a massive upgrade. The guitar features the original control and switch plates as well as the bridge posts. Modern USA Fender parts were used where possible, including the bridge assembly and a Fender Mustang bridge for extra stability so the strings won’t jump off the groves as they sometimes do on the original Jaguar bridges. A Switchcraft input jack and switches were used as were the roller wheels and bracket and the control knobs. Custom made black pickup covers were used to give the guitar a unique look. This 1966 body has some light play wear and is in overall great shape. The guitar weighs 3.720KG.

This is truly awesome vintage Fender Jaguar from 1966 brought to you by the Guitarsmith custom department.

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