Fender 1966 Mustang Red Original Finish Guitar + Joe Barden USA Pickups

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Here for sale is a Fender 1966 Mustang Red Original Finish Guitar with Joe Barden USA Pickups.

1 in stock

This is an original 1966 Mustang neck and body, the body has the original red finish and has lots of lovely relicing and natural roadworn wear. At some point in time the finish had a chemical reaction with a gig bag and left a residue on the surface of the finish in the neck pockets and a bit on the sides. To preserve the original finish it has been left as is, and in some ways it gives it character a rough bumpy patina like on old cars. It has had the full Guitarsmith custom department make over with a professional refret and set up so it plays beautifully everywhere on the neck. It has first rate wiring and electrics and everything is functioning as it should. We have used the the best components. It has a Fender Mustang hard tail bridge assembly where the tailpiece is blocked off so a tremolo does arm does not work on it, but the idea behind the build was to go for a straight ahead rockin’ machine. This type of bridge assembly also gives it better tuning stability.

The tuning keys are Schaller pre 1989 and the fall of the Berlin wall as they were made in West Germany and is stamped on the back. They are good tuners and a nice bit of history. The neck plate is F stamped. The neck stamp on the heel of the neck reads 16 APR 66 B. It has a nice width and the full 22 frets with the 24″ scale. It is very smooth and has a great feel. The decal is original and has some natural wear to the letters. The rosewood fretboard is superb.

The pickups are top of the line Joe Barden USA made Rail pickups, a S-Deluxe in the bridge and a S-Deluxe in the neck and give that humbucker sound in a single coil size. They sound excellent and can handle clean and high gain sounds equally well. The original pickups boxes are included.

There is some nice wear on the back and this guitar with a couple of finish gouges that look cool. The guitar weighs 3.305KG You could play this guitar all day and would not feel a thing!

This is a great Fender Mustang guitar from 1966 with lots of battle scars and vintage mojo brought to you by Guitarsmith custom.