Fender 1966 Mustang Sonic Blue Guitar + Kurt Cobain Mustang Pickup + Seymour Duncan Hotrail

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Here for sale is Fender Mustang from 1966 that features the original 1966 body, neck and tuners and was restored by us here at Guitarsmith Custom.

The guitar has been refinished in Sonic Blue some time ago and looks great with some full on Nirvana vibes. This is accentuated by a custom made vintage correct Red Tortoise shell pick guard. The guitar features the neck pick up from a Kurt Cobain Signature Mustang which sounds true to the original pick ups as you will get with improved output. It then has a Seymour Duncan Hotrail in white installed in the bridge. This high output pickup is a great all rounder and sounds particularly good for music with more gain such as rock or metal. Kurt Cobain himself favoured this pickup and had one installed in his famous 1969 Lake Placid Blue Competition Mustang aswell as several of his Stratocasters.

This vintage Mustang also benefits from a modern Fender bridge assembly and a Fender bridge for modern tuning stability with a shiny and new appearance. The tremolo function on the bridge is working and is controlled by official Fender Mustang tremolo arm as we have only used official Fender hardware on this guitar. The pick up selectors are made by Switch craft USA and all the classic Mustang sounds are there. You can select the bridge only, neck only, both pick ups together or in or out of phase, and adjusted with the volume and tone control knobs. The guitar has the the original Mustang tuning keys which are still going strong and hold their tune well. There is no routing on the guitar. The body has a couple of slight dings here or there, the most notable being on the side of the upper horn. For a vintage 1966 Fender Mustang this guitar is holding up exceptionally well, and with the upgrades, looks almost like a new guitar. Kurt Cobain also had a lesser known vintage ’60’s ‘slab board’ Mustang without any body contours like this one in blue, as seen in the ‘In Bloom’ video where they put a white Pickguard on it as it was better for the black and white camera and then later it was put back to a red pick guard for the ‘Sliver’ video.

This ’66 Mustang has an absolutely superb neck which has all the feel and beauty of a vintage Fender neck from the golden era. It has a nice C shape profile with a 7.25” fretboard radius. The frets have plenty of life left in them and this guitar features the highly coveted ’60’s Rosewood which has amazing texture and resonance. The classic Fender and Mustang logo’s are there. The guitar also has a Fender ‘F’ stamped neck plate on the back like the original. This Fender Mustang weighs approximately 3.255KG. The date stamp on the bottom of the neck reads 16 OCT 66B. The neck has had a professional refret with vintage correct fret wear and plays wonderfully. It is made of very special birds eye Maple and has a beautiful pattern to it with the birds eyes maple dots all along the neck and headstock, stunning! The original logo was lost but has been replaced with a period decal which even has the correct patent numbers on it. There is a bit of hanger burn from old rubber guitar hangers. The neck finish has worn off and now is silky smooth and plays lightning fast. This is the nicest neck we have ever come across on a vintage mustang. Worth the price of admission alone!

This is a truly stunning vintage Fender Mustang from 1966 and is highly desirable in thee finish. A wondrous guitar to play, hold or even just look at and is from our new Guitarsmith custom department.

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