Fender 1973 Bronco Original Red Finish Guitar with a Dimarzio HS-3 Pickup

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Here for sale is a Fender 1973 Bronco Original Red Finish Guitar and has an awesome sounding Dimarzio H-S3 pickup.

The guitar has an awesome sounding Dimarzio H-S3 pickup and appears to have a volume boost which is activated by a push/pull potentiometer tone control. (We do not have the original pickup)

The HS-3™ has been the weapon of choice for Strat®-powered classical metal since the early 1980s. Far from being a high-output monster, the HS-3™ is actually a smooth and relatively quiet pickup that produces a sweet overdrive tone without jagged edges. These qualities combine perfectly with a heavily distorted amp, because the sound won’t get muddy or messy. The HS-3™ is also versatile — it’s a noise-free pickup in a live situation or in the studio.

The tuning keys have been replaced with some more stable tunings keys. (We do not have the originals.) The pickguard was also replaced, as the original one was broken somewhere along the line. It is included but it is not complete. The tone and volume are more recent parts. The bridge is original but it is missing the tremolo arm and the screw that connects the spring to the plate has been worn down at the top so it can not be turned. To make the tremolo function again you would need a vintage Mustang or Bronco trem arm and another screw for the spring. The screw is included so you have the measurement for another one. Also another little screw is needed to hold the tremolo arm in place. So not major job to get it going, you may just like playing it as a hardtail as it is and works just fine. The tremolo arm and spring and the little washer for the screw which has two grooves to keep it in place is included. The control knobs are not original but they look cool. The guitar features the original neck plate.

The guitar has a lot of clean twang and is absolutely rocky in the distortion area with a lot of overtones. Blues, hard rock, crunch, everything is possible. The string action is low and the neck is comfortable and quick to play. It has had a set up and plays great in every position on the neck. This Bronco guitar weighs 3.285KG.

It is a great vintage guitar as is with the original paint and is ready to go as it sits. The simplicity of the one pickup Bronco will streamline your playing and it is all about the tone this guitar has.