Fender 1977 Musicmaster Black with Red Pickguard + Humbucker Guitarsmith Custom Guitar

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Here for sale is a Fender 1977 Musicmaster Guitar in the original black finish with a custom Red tortoise shell Pickguard with a Humbucker and three way selector switch and a coil tap to split the humbucker. This is a Guitarsmith Custom vintage Guitar with cool features and plays beautifully.

When this guitar came into us it was already routed for a humbucker. Although the traditional one neck pickup only Musicmaster is good in its own right, we added the humbucker to make use of the route and give the guitar more tonal possibilities and a cool look. The pickup is from a Fender Japan ’51 Pawn Shop guitar and has a great sound. The neck pickup is the original Music master pickup. We put on a custom red tortoise shell pickguard which looks really cool with the way it goes all the way down over the control panel area. The guitar has the original control knobs and a coil tap has been installed on the volume control so you can pull up the control knob and the humbucker is split into a single coil for more great sounds. We also added a three way selector switch as there was already a route there too, so you can have the bridge pickup only, both pickups together or the neck pickup only.

At some point some small holes were drilled in the headstock for some kind of add on at same point which have been carefully filled. It has light coloured rosewood fretboard which is great to play with those smooth vintage inlay dots. The tuners appear original and period correct and work well. The guitar plays great and the guitar is nice and light at only 3.230KG. It has the original bridge and bridge plate. The neck has a light coloured back to it which is common on ’70’s Fender necks.

It’s a wicked looking red and black vintage Fender with great mods brought to you by Guitarsmith Custom Department.