Fender Jag Stang 1996 Sonic Blue Kurt Cobain Nirvana Guitar + Seymour Duncan + Texas Special Pickups Collectors Grade

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Here for sale is a Fender Jag Stang in Sonic Blue from 1996 designed by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana with Fender. This is a collectors grade guitar in excellent condition with the same upgraded pickup’s Kurt Cobain had on his custom shop Jag Stang.

The Fender Jag Stang is a unique melding of the top of a Fender Jaguar and the bottom of a Fender Mustang. Kurt Cobain played a Fender Jag Stang on tour in 1993 and 1994. Kurt Cobain designed the Jag Stang in conjunction with Fender Custom Shop. Fender sent out the Sonic Blue Jag Stang to him for the in Utero tour, and used it more and more as the tour went on. The Fiesta Red Jag Stang was not finished and Fender had it ready to send to Kurt the week that he died and sadly never received it. They are truly great guitars and sound badass with great looks to match. The Sonic Blue finish really pops and has a cool looking mother of pearl pick-guard.

This Jag Stang is in full working order and features two three-way selector switches for each pickup, so you can use them on their own or together in series or out of phase. It has one volume and one tone control and is a very versatile and rocking guitar. The neck is nice and slim and easy to play and the guitar is very comfortable to hold. The width of the nut is approx 4,065mm / 1600.3937″, the neck is 20.57mm / 0,80984252″, it has C shape neck contour, 7.25″ radius and the frets 1.99mm / 0.07834646″ wide and 1.33 deep / 0.0523622″. This Fender Jag Stang guitar weighs approx 3.320KG. The guitar is in excellent collectors grade condition for its age with no major paint chips, just some honest play wear from such a great guitar. The guitar has been upgraded with the same pickups Kurt had installed in his, a Seymour Duncan JB Trembucker in White in the bridge position and a Texas Special in the neck position. The electronics are also all original and it has the original pots. The guitar dates from from 1996 and has the ‘Designed by Kurt Cobain’ sticker on the back of the headstock and the Fender 50th anniversary red and silver sticker. It also comes with the original tremolo arm. The Jag Stang is a highly collectible Fender and are becoming increasingly hard to come by and a great tribute to the late great Kurt Cobain.

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