Fender Mustang 1966 Foam Green Guitarsmith Custom Guitar

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Here for sale is Fender Mustang from 1966 that features the original 1966 body and matching neck and was restored and refinished by us here at Guitarsmith Custom in Fender 1966 custom finish option Foam Green.

This Fender Mustang from 1966 would have either been red, white or blue the only Mustang finish options at the time. When the guitar came to us the original finish had already been removed and painted black then partially stripped. Rather than going for the standard finish restoration in red white or blue, we decided on restoring this guitar to 1966 custom Fender finish option that is period correct and the Foam Green (not to be confused with Sea Foam or Surf Green) looks wonderful on this Mustang combined with the custom made Red Swirl pick guard. There is a Stewmac professional and safe shim to give the neck even more playability. (Fender Often put shims in the neck pockets in the 1960’s) The neck heel is stamped 16 AUG 66B and the truss works fine.

This Mustang features reissue Fender tuning keys which stay in tune great. The bridge and neck pick ups are a matching set of Seymour Duncan Mustang Myth Antiquity pick up with Fender Mustang white covers. It has Goldo 500K pots and an orange drop capacitor and features genuine Fender Mustang bridge, tremolo assembly, tremolo arm, control plate and control knobs. It has switch craft slider switches.

This vintage Mustang also benefits from a modern Fender bridge assembly and a Fender bridge for modern tuning stability with a shiny and new appearance. The tremolo function on the bridge is working and is controlled by official Fender Mustang tremolo arm as we have only used official Fender hardware on this guitar no expense was spared. You can select the bridge only, neck only, both pick ups together or in or out of phase, and adjusted with the volume and tone control knobs.

This ’66 Mustang has an absolutely superb neck which has all the feel and beauty of a vintage Fender neck from the golden era. It has a nice C shape profile with a 7.25” fretboard radius. The frets have plenty of life left in them and this guitar features the highly coveted ’60’s Rosewood which has amazing texture and resonance. The classic Fender and Mustang logo’s are there. The guitar also has a Fender ‘F’ stamped neck plate on the back like the original. This Fender Mustang is amazingly light weight and comfortable weighs approximately 3.590KG.

This is a truly stunning vintage Fender Mustang from 1966 and is highly desirable in the Foam Green finish with the Seymour Duncan Antiquity Mustang pick ups. A wondrous guitar to play, hold or even just look at from our new Guitarsmith custom department.



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