Fender 2012 Pawn Shop ’51 Black Custom Guitar with Coil Tap Telecaster Bridge & Custom Pickguard

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Here for sale is a Fender 2012 Pawn Shop ’51 Black Custom Guitar with Coil Tap Telecaster Bridge & Custom Pickguard

Featuring elements of both a Stratocaster and a Telecaster in one guitar, this great looking guitar has the best of both. The guitar has the original black finish. The guitar comes with two pickguards, a white pickguard has been customised with matt black paint in the centre to create a cool black and white trim effect that is narrower at the edge that meets the control plate and does need the two screws there. It also comes with a made in USA red tortoise shell pickguard with white trim that covers the guitar like the original and makes use of the two screws at the control plate. Either one choose gives the guitar an awesome individual look.

The maple neck has a wonderful vintage feel which has been enhanced by a light sand to the back to remove the gloss so it is now lightning fast and smooth as silk. The guitar was made in Japan in 2012 and has that world renowned build quality. The regular bridge has been upgraded with a Full Telecaster bridge and adds a nice counterpoint to the rest of the guitar with the classic sturdiness of the Telecaster bridge saddles.

The volume control has been upgraded with a coil tap so you can split the humbucker pickup into a single coil for added versatility. The pickups are original and the pickup cover on the neck single coil has been replaced with a chrome cover for maximum styling! (We do not have the original cover or bridge.)

The guitar is in overall good condition, there is some play wear in places and the odd scratch of ding. The most notable being on the bottom of the guitar but this just adds to its roadworn worn mojo.

An awesome custom guitar that lives up to its name and spirit of the Pawn Shop ’51. A lost treasure that never was…until now!

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