Univox Hi Flier Phase 3 Sunburst Kurt Cobain Nirvana Guitar

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Here for sale is a Univox Hi Flier Phase 3 in Sunburst made in Japan between 1974 – 1977. This model was made famous by Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, this exact model was one of his first electric guitars, and had at least three of the phase 3 version with humbuckers that he used in the early years 1985-1990 and then again in 1993. The guitar comes with a gig bag.

This Univox Hi Flier is a phase 3 version and features the outstanding humbuckers which have a very distinct, hot and powerful sound. The pick ups have a notable open top cover with black pick up rings with three screw fixings on each side. This version is very sought after and you can see why they were one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite pickups. He even took put some in a vintage Fender Mustang at one point! The guitar is very light and extrememly comfortable to play and hold. It features a Poplar body which Cobain referred to jokingly as ‘Plywood beasts’, a maple neck and a Rosewood fretboard. It features the super cool Univox logo veneered under the headstock finish. This guitar has the original Univox knobs which are also very cool and distinct with their retro tubular shape and ‘V’ & ‘T’ denotation for volume and tone respectively. The finish has a gorgeous three tone sunburst fade and a white pick guard and truss rod cover. This particular Univox Hi Flyer has been upgraded with Kluson tuners which have improved the tuning stability massively. The originals are included should you wish to revert to the originals but the Kluson are far superior and were chosen to keep in character of the original tuners. It has a Jazzmaster style bridge and is ideal for noise making.

The guitar is in good condition, it does have it’s fair share of chips and dings some of which have been painted over black previously and the veneer on the top of the headstock around the top set of tuning keys has a hairline crack in the veneer which is just superficial. The scratchplate has a small indention just below the bridge pick up. There is a little ding on the back of the neck that doesn’t effect playability and there is some veneer chipping around the back of the neck socket and the usual tiny hairline neck pocket crack. This all gives the guitar lots of mojo and rock ‘n’ roll character. The approximate measurements of the guitar neck are as follows, the width of the nut is 40.20mm / 1.5825″, the depth of the neck at the first fret is 20.79mm / 0.8185″ and 22.05mm / 0.8685″ at the 12th fret. It has a C shape neck profile with a 7.25″ fretboard radius. The frets are 2.25mm / 0.00885″ wide and 1.00mm / 0.0395″ deep. The guitar weighs approximately

This model was one of Kurt Cobain’s first ever electric guitars and famous photos of him can be seen of him in his bedroom in Aberdeen playing this exact model covered in stickers. He also used the same guitar for early gigs before the band was even called Nirvana, early Nirvana gigs up to the release of bleach. He either had one or two Sunburst Phase 3 Univox Hi Fliers during this era until they were smashed and then later in 1992 early 1993 he acquired a P-90 Sunburst version and a humbucker version. The humbucker version seems to have had more home and studio use and a photo of which appeared in the Charles Cross ‘Cobain Unseen’ book with out any stickers and tape holding the switch toggle in position as when playing it upside Kurt had a tendency to hit the switch with his strumming arm. This one was also missing the neck pick up ring and appears to be upgraded with Schaller tuners. The P-90 version saw live use for notable gigs such as the Hollywood Rock Festival in Brazil and the Roseland Ballroom gig and can be seen playing one on ‘Live Tonight Sold Out’ video/ DVD for the clip of Dive from the Hollywood Rock festival in Rio De Janeiro Brazil on the 23-1-93.

The humbucker version can be heard in all its glory on one of the bands earliest live concerts to surface, on the 21st January 1988 at the Tacoma Community World Theatre in Tacoma Washington.

A truly legendary guitar, the Univox Hi Flier Phase 3, is very iconic and collectable and increasingly rare.

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